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German speaking Trust and Safety – Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
Other services (Cleaning / Security / Hairdressing ...) · Full-time · Permanent
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Core Function Responsibilities: • Trust and Safety Agent must have completed Verified ID • Trust and Safety Agent will maintain the Frozen Reservation (checkpoint) queue by: o Allow reservations in the queue to reach 8 hours, but not exceed 9 hours, before action o Based on available information, a determination to either approve or deny will need to be made for any reservation at 11 hours enquired prior to reaching 12 hours. • Trust and Safety Agent will maintain the Verification Inbox, responding to emails associated with queued reviews and ensuring that total ticket volume in Inbox does not exceed 60 daily tickets. • Trust and Safety Agent will process a daily average of 70 queued reviews daily. o Each queued entry may or may not have and associated ticket. o Expectation is that Trust and Safety Agent will be able to meet KPIs above after 1 week of training and 3 weeks of queue-work and ongoing learning / shadowing. • Trust and Safety Agent will work collaboratively with our verification Team, as well as with internal agents, remaining adaptive to quality, coaching, and performance feedback.

Desired Candidate Experience: • Language skills: Fluent English. German or Russian native. • Exhibit strong verbal (phone) and written (email) interpersonal communication skills. • Demonstrate a passion for building Trust and a drive for results • Detail Oriented - you do your due diligence when completing an investigation • Display ability to learn and adapt to new technologies. • Make solid judgement calls and have a strong moral compass. • Employ excellent problem solving, critical thinking and customer service skills. • Remain calm and empathetic - always able to adapt to any situation by personalising responses and educating our community while remaining level-headed in tough situations. • Ability to multi-task, organise and work with rapidly changing priorities.

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Team or role: Other services (Cleaning / Security / Hairdressing ...)
Job type: full-time
Job location: Dublin, Ireland

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