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Resource Planning Analyst in Dublin or Malta

Dublin, Ireland
Other services (Cleaning / Security / Hairdressing ...) · Full-time · Permanent
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Our client’s Customer Support Operations team provides operational and project support to the customer facing functions of our online Sportsbook, eGaming and Training teams, including Workforce and Self-care management. Purpose of the Role You will be responsible for long and short term multi-channel forecasting and scheduling of resources to ensure the correct number of agents are in the right place at the right time. You will guide operational leadership to achieve their goals and minimise customer wait times and maximise service level performance. You will deliver in-depth analyses for continuous process improvement through the use of Verint i360 WFM, Injixo, Oracle CRM platforms and Avaya telephony systems. You will also report on business highlights and performance issues, gaps or faults that will have an impact on business performance

Please describe the main responsibilities associated with this role. This should cover the most important, current duties and responsibilities and should focus on the targets and outcomes – the WHAT is required, not on HOW the role is carried out: • Long term budget forecasting of multi-channel multi skill contact volumes. • Using WFM, CRM and telephone software to optimise agent schedules and contact volumes. • Build automation through Verint/Injixo to optimise current forecasting and scheduling processes • Take appropriate action to ensure mitigation of all risks to service level achievement. • Analyse performance data for the previous working week/month period. • Proactively approach stakeholders outlining root causes for missed performance targets. • Provide recommendations to strengthen results, and monitor the implementation of activities to achieve results. • Coordinating optimal weekly & monthly scheduling of meetings, training and other off-phone activity for agents. • Optimising breaks times and reallocating resources to extract the best possible result against the KPI’s of the business. • Approving holiday requests in line with business volumes. • Assist the Reporting Analyst with ad-hoc reporting from time to time highlighting our performance to the Operations & Customer Support teams. • Rapidly respond to operational needs by providing ad-hoc support and administration including but not limited to the WFM or CRM platforms Role Components: Business Expertise Outline the specific job requirements for knowledge and expertise about the function, organisation and the industry that is needed to carry out the role. • Previous contact centre experience necessary. • Direct experience with Injixo, Blue Pumpkin or Verint systems essential. • In-depth knowledge and experience of providing accurate forecast models. • Expert in MS Excel. Leadership Responsibility Outline the requirements for providing leadership and guidance to others impacted by the role or interaction with others either external or internal. • Ability to work in areas of pressure and sensitivity with professional composure. • Able to work within a diverse workforce, perpetually encouraging collaboration in accordance with Paddy Power Betfair values. Business Impact Provide details of the level of overall responsibility associated with the role and areas of the business the role impacts on. • Key impact on the business at multiple levels from agents to senior management. The role will be tasked with optimising the efficiency of the contact centre. • This involves taking ownership of support issues and escalating with Customer Operations as necessary. Complexity Outline the level of complexity of the role. Describe the typical judgements and decisions (if any) that this role requires on a regular basis. • Extremely detail driven, including analytical skills and capacity to monitor and respond to rapidly varying data. • Respond quickly to change and know what levels to communicate to within the business. • Strong organizational skills. Stakeholder Management & Influence Define the level and type of typical interactions required in the role and whether this tends to be internal and/or external, and at high levels. • High level communications interpersonal skills with both internal and external parties, across multiple channels and forums. Performance indicators: Please state here the key performance metrics for the role i.e. how would you measure that the role is being performed effectively: • Delivery of long & short term multi-channel multi skill contact volume forecasts. • Advanced automation in forecasting & scheduling through Verint/Injixo. • Evidence of agent optimisation within the weekly schedules. • Planned mitigation of risks to service level. • Positive feedback from stakeholders. • Delivery of results and improvements to daily processes. • Ongoing proactivity to reporting and automation of reports/daily tasks.

Minimum qualifications
Person Profile • Behavioural Competencies • Analytical Thinking • Driving Results • Creativity and Innovation • Communicating With Impact • Customer Focus • Organisational Agility Technical Competencies Please state here the type and level of technical skills required to perform the role. Assume the role is performed at fully competent level. • Expert in MS Excel • Strong mathematical, analytical and organization skills • Direct experience with Injixo, Blue Pumpkin or Verint systems and forecasting/resourcing methodology essential. • Stakeholder Management • Communicating and Influencing skills Education, Qualifications & Experience Please outline here the education and qualifications necessary for entry into the role and the job related experience required to perform the role. • Minimum 3 year plus of experience working in forecasting related disciplines in a multi-channel contact centre environment. • Knowledge in using Injixo, Blue Pumpkin or Verint software essential.
Job details
Reference: RPA - BC
Team or role: Other services (Cleaning / Security / Hairdressing ...)
Job type: full-time
Job location: Dublin, Ireland

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