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Dublin, Ireland
Other services (Cleaning / Security / Hairdressing ...) · Part-time · Contract
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In the foot steps of Steve Jobs A perfect product is no coincidence. Steve Jobs always needed honest feedback. He iterated on this feedback until the product was perfect. Become a feedback giver and get paid for it. You get a glance at new products and how they are developped. This is how it works: 1. Sign up for free and with no strings attached You can sign up with us within 2 minutes: https://www.testingtime.com/r/movedublin 2. Accept test offers We will send you offers (~1 per month) and you can decide if you want to participate in it, if you have time and match the target group. 3. You participate in the test (by skype or in person) You participate in the test, give your feedback and you get paid within 10 days after the test around 40€ per hour. Sign up now: https://www.testingtime.com/r/movedublin

Job details
Team or role: Other services (Cleaning / Security / Hairdressing ...)
Job type: part-time
Job location: Dublin, Ireland

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